“Reinventing the office by bonding activeness & functionality into every workspace.”

Since the beginning, ERGOBOND™ has held one principle sacred. Great furniture shouldn't make you choose between great design or your wellness. Instead, our furniture creates a BOND between design and function.

Never make a choice between
Design or Functionality.
We're committed to improving your lifestyle. We BOND movement, creativity, and activity into your ideal working space.
Our Goal
Our goal is to improve the space that matters to you the most. It is the space where you build and create new ideas, and we stand beside those values. Humans are active and creative by nature. Yet, the workspace where you build and create isn’t designed for your active nature.

At ERGOBOND, we want to end this paradox.

We design office furniture that adapts to the way you work and add movement to your long day. After all, an active body is conducive to an active mind.The most brilliant minds in history did their best thinking while walking or standing.
BOND Design and Functionality
Great design inspires great ideas. And wellness gives you the mental clarity to think your best ideas. That’s why we combine our best designs to support your wellness in every product we create.

There should never be a choice between a well-designed office or an ergonomics office. We never compromise your body for good design and we never compromise good design for discomfort. The result is a well thought out piece that will support you.
We build active workspaces with real people in mind. Our wellness philosophy encompasses mind and body.

When you design an office setup with your wellness in mind, great things happen. Your mind gets clearer. Your brain becomes a little less foggy, and your ideas explode like Mount Vesuvius.

Our goal is to support your wellness while you create award-winning ideas. While sedentary postures has its place in the office, it’s usually not when your best ideas occur. That’s why ERGOBOND™ creates smart furniture moves with you.

A healthy office moves with purpose, and your furniture should do the same. It’s about time that the office had a makeover. ERGOBOND™ office furniture celebrates the future of work. No more sitting alone at your desk all day. That’s done!

The future of work is about working in teams. Collaborating on ideas and celebrating active lifestyles is the new office setting.
How we do it?
We do this by thinking beyond conventional office furniture. We build life-changing fusions that no one has seen before. Why? Because we support the mission that your workspace should add value to your life.

We are not afraid of dedicating time and resources into the research of materials, stability, and usage.

When someone tells us “it’s impossible to build a perfectly stable portable electric free-standing desk”

We give them a smile and get our hands dirty. We ended up with one of the most stable, yet accessible none-electric standing desk in the market. Completely changing the standard of the industry.

We have the determination and refuse the idea of “pain is gain”. Your body does not need to be in pain just for your to get your work done. Never take pain signals that your body sends for granted.
We are on a mission to end the sedentary work style
How inspired can you be when you are forced to sit down all day?
With ERGOBOND™, you now have a choice.
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